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  • Valerie Stunning

$$$. What Came, Went & Got Stacked (Tax Season)

Over the past few days I’ve been doing the deep dive into some scary shit. My finances. Every year around this time (Tax Season ) I sit and calculate my earnings as best I can. I try and record every shift’s take home, tho some nights you get distracted by a pint of mint chocolate chip and then pass out instead. But after hours of what felt like the watching paint dry- Totaling the days I worked, how much I payed in house fees, how much I saved and the dreaded: HOW MUCH I SPENT. (gets chills, swigs tequila) I am super proud to say that I earned more than I thought! I also spent more then I thought. SHOCKING. But here’s the thing, in taking an honest look at roughly every dollar that came, went and got stacked- I’m now able to make practical adjustments and projections for growth in 2018. And in spite of seeing how many 0’s went vs. got stacked, Being able to understand HOW it happened has got me feeling so fucking boss. Let’s be real, it can feel intimidating af to even think, let alone look honestly at your money and to see where it’s gone. And who knows, Maybe if we were all taught practical money management skills and financial planning in Math class we’d feel differently...

But one thing’s for sure: It doesn’t matter if you never used a calculator in your life, You are a resourceful Queen who’s learned how to successfully hustle this cash, So you bet your ass, you can learn how to manage and grow it. Xxo, Val


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