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  • Valerie Stunning

Because, capitalism.

I went back to the club in May. Why?

Because, capitalism.

Though before I get into my revelations on the stark reality of starting, operating, and trying to grow a small business with no major funding, and for the majority of the time it’s been open- during a pandemic (that's a whole other post)- I’d like to ask y’all this:

Is there anyone out here who knows of a thriving, veteran local business owner (veteran, as in has been successfully running their locally based civvy business for 10+ years), who is also out as a current or former Sex Worker?

Please re-read that.

Now. I’d like to acknowledge that I’m privileged to know on a personal level a bevy of wildly intelligent and very experienced business owners who are extremely generous with their pearls of wisdom. And I exhaust their guidance regularly.

I would also, however, be SO THRILLED to meet the people who came before me that continued sw while either transitioning in to civvy business life or did both.


  1. Unless you’re talking to someone who’s been in your same shoes, it is damn near impossible to feel you’re being related to and advised well on the real ass shit that comes up for those of us who are living this duality.

  2. It would feel far less isolating during the valleys of this adventure to know these folks exist.

  3. How dope would it be if we could all one day start some kind of old pro small business association or chamber of commerce and continue to guide those who come up behind us?!!!!

I digress…

So yes, I went back to the club because I was never ready to retire to begin with. Hell. I am 10 years in and at the top of my game. Like who, in any industry, retires when they’re peaking?

That and, I felt now that I have a bit of income supplemented by my civvy business, perhaps I could have a crack at a healthier seckswork / life balance and not experience burn out as often? Or at all?!!

It’s too early to tell about that one, but I’ll keep you posted.

In solidarity,



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