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  • Valerie Stunning

Using Your Stripper Skills In Your New Business. *Part 1

Lately I’ve been cracking myself up over all the things (big and small) that starting this new business is teaching me.

Though let's be real, before I get to laughing, sometimes I’m mad as hell.

And embarrassed.

Like really embarrassed.

Because starting something (anything) from zero/scratch/the very beginning,

Regardless of how accomplished you are with what you’ve previously done,

Regardless of how much you’re able to apply all of them learned life and business skills to these new ventures,

Is humbling af.

Because sometimes you fuck it up.

And that’s ok.

I love reminiscing about my Baby Stripper growing pains.

Back when I’d bomb so hard attempting a new move on stage-

Like oh damn, was that always a SPINNING POLE?!


Even more cringe worthy, learning to gracefully transition from sexy chit chat to sexy sales pitch.

(It’s bad when your potential customer starts shaking his head no as you’re mid sentence and gently assures you, “Honey, not today but you’re almost there.”)

I love reminiscing about those experiences because it reminds me:

1. To be gentle with myself. Because the only way to get really fucking good at something is to work through all the really fucking awkward moments. And as silly as we may feel at that time- eventually it passes, we grow and we move on.


2. How being a newby is super exciting. Yes, you should be absolutely proud of the confidence it takes to put yourself out there. But you should be even more proud that by changing your routine you are changing your reality.

And that, that is some exciting and powerful shit.

Shout out to all you hustling Queens who feel me on the growing pains of making them next level, future moves.

Whoever said progress wasn’t a straight line sure wasn’t lying.


Emotional roller coaster be damned, let's keep being kind to ourselves and killin it.

Happy Hustling y’all!! Xxo, Val

*(I listed this "Part 1" because I suspect that I'll continually be applying my Stripper skills to this new business and as it unfolds will be inspired to share my 2 cents on it all. Till next time!) 


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