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  • Valerie Stunning

The Hustle-Slump Blues

“I feel like I’ve been getting caught in a web of negativity, between sad customers, angry dancers, incompetent staff and it kiiiillllls my motivation to make money. What have you found that helps break a streak of bad nights? ”

— Majora J


I'll bet my ass that so long as there are hustlers there will be a hustle-slump blues. 

One week you're fire af. 

Every stage show ending in buckets and every seductive pitch, flawlessly executed,

With every faction of the Stripperverse harmoniously vibing, creating the most fun and lucrative club a gal could ever dream of. 

The next week, not so much. 

Your stages are empty.

Or even worse, filled with sleepers, Snappers and Mr. & Ms. "What are you going to do for this dollar?" 

Your pitch is reading as: 

There's not an ounce of me that believes anything I'm saying right now, and I knew you were going to say "No" the moment I sat down, but my feet hurt so Ima see this through till the bitter end.

And Mercury is in retrograde. 

But only at your club. 


You don't make any mention of what your life outside of the club is like, so lets start there. 

Take an honest look at how you spend your time, what you're working towards and who you surround yourself with. 

I've often found that there is a direct relation between how awesome (or not so awesome) I feel about my personal life and the loot I'm raking in. 

If you're stuck in a funky frequency-  feeling stagnant, bored and unhappy about where you're at or who you're with,

Chances are you're dragging that shit into the club with you. 

Even if you've got a killer poker face and never talk about your drama at work,

Bad vibes are like cheap perfume, 

You think no one knows, 

But ohhhh they can smell it. 

Then I'd remind yourself that:

After that I recommend a Stripcation. 

One of the brilliant perks of being a Stripper is that we can literally work anywhere. Anywhere there are Strip Clubs. 

And I am a H U G E advocate for getting your hustle on somewhere new.

Being a Stripper you already know you are resourceful and can adapt quickly so:

  • Pick a destination. 

  • Ask other Strippers what they might know about it, Google the clubs there and call ahead to see what's required to work. 

  • Map out where said clubs are and find a place to stay, remembering to keep your overhead low because you're there to work. 


If travel isn't possible, 

Switch up the clubs in your home town. Even if only for a few shifts... 

And if that's not an option, 

Try working a different schedule at your home club. 

There's just something about an unfamiliar environment, working with different babes and grinding on new laps that can magically reinvigorates a hustle. 


Make sure you're feeling good about your life outside the club. is a dope resource that offers personal coaching in addition to encouraging affirmations  that help even the savviest of hustlers continue to develop personally and professionally. 

Remind yourself that you are still a righteous Queen even on shitty nights and that your buckets will most definitely be brimming again soon,


Create new hustle rituals & routines that will rekindle what you loved about this job to begin with. 



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