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  • Valerie Stunning

Side Hustle Salute

Cheers to all you Queens investing serious time, energy and money in a side hustle that you plan to one day replace your main hustle. I’ll bet my ass that proper days off (when you’re not devoting mental, emotional or physical energy to either gig) are few and far between. Which means every time you strap on your Pleasers and grind the night away, you’ve worked a double. THIS IS NO SMALL FEAT. Lord knows that Stripping may be fun, But it ain’t easy being easy. And for all the time, energy and money spent on that new hustle...

(That- I believe in my skills, my vision and myself so much that I’m going as hard as I can while I can, even tho it hasn’t turned a profit, yet, because I know this will position me to where I want to be next- hustle) ...You’re taking away from the time, energy and money once solely reserved for the NECESSARY self care and preservation required as a Stripper. But alas, there are only so many hours in a day. And you ain’t Beyonce. Yet. I SEE YOU AND I FEEL YOU. I feel the frustration of working twice as much for what only seems like half the validation. AND I feel how not being able to measure growth/progress on a nightly or even weekly basis has got you regularly reassuring yourself that you’re on the right track. But please, do yourself a favor- Think back on 6 months ago to a year ago, And look at everything you know now that you didn’t then. Remind yourself how there once was a time when you didn’t gracefully glide in 7inch stilettos, OR Know the difference between a gift card and a black card, But ya do now! So brace yourself because Oooooooooo girl, Them next level career and money moves, THEY’RE COMING.

Happy Hustling, Xxo- Val


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