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  • Valerie Stunning

Self Activism

Shout out to everyone who repped inclusivity and intersectionality at Womens’ Marches/Rallies around the world today.

I did not participate this year.

Instead I thought a lot about how within my professional and personal life I can continue to honor and celebrate what I believe the movement should represent.

I also thought a lot about how I  recently came to terms with what my life now requires of me and how that means having less time and energy to fully show up for community activism as I once did.

... and Holy shit did it take me a minute to shake that internalized guilt.

But ultimately I recognized,

Tho often conflated,

Martyrdom and activism are NOT the same.

Easier said then done cuz Goddess knows that women are often conditioned to believe that our worth, loyalty and love are proved by how much of ourselves we give “selflessly” to others,


If Sex Work has taught me anything it’s that we can be compassionate, empathetic AND have strong boundaries.

That a lot of times “selfish” is something people with no concept of boundaries like to accuse others of being because they’re resentful of not having any for themselves.


That internalizing guilt is often something we do because we’re anxious as fuck at being accused of “selfishness.”

So this one goes out to my nurturers, matriarchs, comrades and anyone who’s ever felt guilty for taking a step (or twelve) back from giving to others in order to prioritize their own needs.

The most impactful activism is Self Activism.

It’s showing up with everything we’ve got first and foremost for ourself and our work that ultimately allows us to have the mental, emotional and physical means to realistically and beneficially give to others. 

And fuck anyone who says or implies otherwise.  

In Solidarity, 



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