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  • Valerie Stunning

Paradise City Creamery

Sitting here reminiscing about my pre-Stripper years and how the decade I spent in the restaurant & bar industry was an illuminating intro to utilizing skills I’d later refine as a Pro-Slut


How they eventually translated to Paradise City Creamery.

You may or not know,

But I started making ice cream because I was SO OVER no one making the kind of shit I could OR wanted to put in my mouth.

High-end, undetectably dairy/gluten free AND for the curious grown-up who loves to play. 

As I was transitioning from a flashy side-hustle in Burlesque, becoming more involved in community organizing and yes still hustling the Club (because #Lifer)

 I was also becoming obesessed with the chemistry required in crafting decadent plant-based scoops, how much pleasure people got from enjoying a successful batch and getting really fucking good at making bomb ass ice cream. 

Tho I’ll be real-

If you would of asked Bougie-NYC-Restaurant-Manager me or Baby-Stripper me if I could ever imagine these two professional worlds hybridizing into this edible celebration of indulgence,

I probably would of responded in a thick ass Jersey accent, Waaaaaaaaa?!!!

But here I am and I couldn’t be more proud or excited to share it with y’all!

Paradise City Creamery, Launching Summer 2019.

Xxo, Val


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