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  • Valerie Stunning


There's so much I want to say about the Women's March, but I'm still processing ALL of the emotions and weight of such a monumental rally.

Team Consenting Sex Worker 

For starters... Feminist icon Gloria Steinem shunned us during her what-could-of-been dope speech. Though transgender author, advocate, and former sex worker Janet Mock offered a pivotal line of solidarity when she said in her speech:   "I know with surpassing certainty that my liberation is directly linked to the liberation of worker fighting to make her living safely."  And of course, there was initial outrage over the march's sudden changing of stance in solidarity with sex workers rights-via their web sites verbiage- just a week before. (They later changed it back, though the burn had already been felt.)  However, it did little to dissuade mine and my fellow power-sluts participation in the movement because frankly- we're used to it. THOUGH I'M DYING TO TELL Y'ALL HOW I REALLY FEEL ABOUT ALL THAT SHADE (see Nasty Women post)

Attention Captain Save-A-Ho's

Regardless of the shitty slights and fear for what may come of the Trump administration- this resistance (and what it inspired in me and millions around the world) has served as an intense reminder that we the people are fierce, our voice is powerful and we won't go down with out a fight. 


I feel my work has just begun and hopefully yours has too.  Lets arm ourselves with ALL THE TRUTH. Tune in and educate ourselves with information from various sources. Lets volunteer, organize, donate and really be connected to what's happening outside ourselves. 

Because being empathetic, asking questions, thinking critically, engaging in peaceful debates, paying attention and keeping the conversation going is what will fuel the change we ALL desperately, obviously seek. 


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