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  • Valerie Stunning

How To Spot Captain-Save-A-Ho

Stripping has taught me many things,

And understanding the nuances of capitalism, patriarchy and pro quo situations is one of them.

Yes, no one does the proverbial “it” alone,

But even in business, all business,

There is a huge difference in outcome when help offered is solely opportunistic.

Especially when unsolicited.

Because there’s nothing a Wanna-Be-Pimp or Captain Save-a-Ho loves more than to present themselves as:

“A voice for those who don’t have one.”

Or any savior of sorts.

People with authentic agendas in  assisting those they feel can benefit from they’re resources are in service to the needs expressed to them.

This requires asking questions,

This also requires a genuine curiosity and interest in all avenues that come into play that have prohibited such needs,

thus far,

From already being met.

Beware of those who come to you with a theoretical solution before ever showing a true desire in understanding you or what your situation is...

And even so,

Be more aware of them once they have.

I guess the lesson here is:

Only fuck with people who earn your trust and/or come with the hard core credentials of being in “it” for the reasons YOU feel are worth it.


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