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  • Valerie Stunning

Honesty & The Champagne Room

Perhaps it's the current political climate? Perhaps it's the evolution of my work persona hybridizing with my off duty self? Perhaps it's my increasing ability to effortlessly navigate the sea of bullshit? Perhaps it's the tequila? Don't get me wrong. I am down with the bullshit.

Because, it's in these neon havens of over stimulation and under poured Crown & Cokes (stahp whining and just buy the damn bottle already) that our embodiment of Super Slut Party Girls, fused with the willing participation of our guests, has a magical way of encouraging people to indulge in consensual perversions that society has taught them to shame. And there is beauty in that. But lately something's changed. And I'm wondering if anyone else feels me on this. Shit's getting R E A L. As in the Champagne Room chit chat (think smutty pillow talk) is increasingly rife with political commentary and personal revelations that were once few and far between. And I'm not talking about customers' "deep dark desire that I've never told anyone"revelations. Pffft, that's just an average day at the office. What I'm noticing is a trend in personal disclosures. Think: stuggles, triumphs, and genuine human empathy. Now I know, being a topless therapist IS often the hustle. But when you're a sex worker in a city that was built on commodifying indulgence and promoting vice, people tend to check the R E A L talk at the airport. They often patronize clubs as their alter ego's. And alter ego's generally imitate pop culture caricatures not offer meditation advice, compare mole removal scars and break down crying due to family immigration issues. (some recent topics of conversations I've had.) Whatever it is, people are tuned in and they are reaching out. And I'm finding it refreshing. Not because I don't enjoy embodying that Super Slut Party Girl, the very thing strip club dreams are made of.


It's more that this new way of engaging is redefining how I work, thus making an already unique environment that much more interesting.  There's also something to be said about finding new things to pique your interest and challenge you in a job you've had for 6 years. And who doesn't like that?! Happy Hustling! Xxo, Val


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