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  • Valerie Stunning

Dear Strip Club Ballers

Much love to all of you who've been coming to the club open to the fantasy, making it rain while sitting at the stage, and generously tipping after dances and VIP rooms.

You fucking rock!

Thank you for not wasting my time with amateur behavior like disrespecting my boundaries, demanding my "real" name, and attempted haggling. I REALLY appreciate the brilliant way you planned ahead by coming in with expendable cash, and cards that actually work, and how you made concise spending decisions without looking to your friends for a second opinion.

You are such a boss!


Also you showing up fresh and clean, in non athletic wear, I'm looking at you sweat pant Casanovas, and closed toe shoes, only made me want to get closer.

Well done!

I enjoy my work so much; so when you disregard all the sad stripper press us gals get, I am excited to create a fun and frivolous escape for you to indulge in. Thanks again for getting it and not contributing to the problem. 

Till next time, Xxo!!



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