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  • Valerie Stunning

A Celebration Of Indulgence, Paradise City Creamery

When I decided to turn my hobby of making plant-based ice cream into a business- 

I always knew the magic I’d bring to this industry was an experience, respect and profound love of my previous glittering neon world. 

*From burlesque cabarets to dank tittle bars I have pranced, shimmied, contorted, winded and grinded on international stages for nearly a decade. Naked. 

Tho to be real, celebrating indulgence is more than just a mantra. 

It’s a lesson learned in the wee hours of many warm vanilla scented mornings, taught to me via the emotional & physical intimacies I’ve shared with complete strangers. 

It’s a reckoning that the act of safely indulging in things we find pleasurable can be transformative regardless of how trivial they may seem.

I’ve thought long and hard on how this ideology would live in my creamy new world...

How in addition to Paradise City’s flashy aesthetic, celebratory vibes and bomb ass flavors, we could be more.

And what this meant was we had to embody, from the ground up, ALL I believed and stood for. 

That Paradise City Creamery would always create a space where the people we hired, collaborated with and served were of and/or in support of the communities I have found identity in and/or have been deeply inspired by. 

Sex Workers. LGBTQ. POC. Women. 

Because if I have learned anything, it’s that capitalism may be a catalyst for a lot that is wrong in our society


It CAN be reclaimed when you produce genuine work that effectively contributes to the pleasure you wish to see in the world.


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