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  • Valerie Stunning

8 things I’ve found to be true on my Entrepreneurial journey thus far.

photo: Breanna Hansen

Entrepreneurship is insanely gratifying and fucking hard. Luckily before starting Paradise City Creamery I had already been my own boss for ten years. And you can bet your ass the skills I honed as a Stripper have undoubtedly proved transferrable.

In celebration of PCC's 2 year anniversary, this Saturday! Here are 8 things I’ve found to be true on my entrepreneurial journey thus far. Some of it I learned while professionally shaking my ass and some, while working through the growing pains of building my business. Either way, it’s all relative. Thank you for being on this amazing ride with me. Holla if you can relate! Xxo, Val

1. People can smell a thirsty bitch from a mile away.

Look, there are a bazillion people with cool ideas, swagger, and a righteous social media following. And they’re constantly angling and pitching their way through life. Don’t be that person. Be proud and excited about what you do, and remember, time and place goes a long way. Don’t forget to be a whole person outside of your work. The right people will care about what you’re doing once it feels organic AND serves a specific purpose to them.

2. People care when it’s about them.

Think about any time you’ve ever spoke to someone who wasn’t personally invested in you. (mom, boo and pup don’t count) When their eyes started glazing over, and they began looking elsewhere, that meant they’ve already mined your words for something that related to them, didn’t find it, and are now in Lala land thinking about… themselves.

3. If you’re working on a business model and the product or service you’re selling doesn’t center the needs or wants of other people, you should probably think again.

Yes, I know you’re brilliant. And the thing you’re bringing into fruition is that exciting, special something that only you can bring into the world. But take it from your Auntie Val, at some point, if you haven’t already, you need to understand how this brilliant thing serves others.

AKA why are people going to give you their hard earned money in exchange for it?

4. You will fuck it up. That’s ok. Write in big angry sharpie in your journal, deadlift like you’re about to crush the guilt of a mistake with your glutes, and then move the fuck on. If you do whatever you’re doing with integrity, you will have more chances to get it done right. I promise. Feel your feels and then get on with it.

5. Burnout never goes away. It just changes form. Recognize the signs. Honor when you need actual, factual rest. And go spend time in the trees. They really are powerful beings. Plus the less phone service you have when burnt out, the better. Trust.

6. People are complex, messy, and disappoint. And your Mentors will too.

Sure, the idea of a person who’s been there before you and has their shit together can feel savior like. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a humanity.. an imperfect humanity to them. Do yourself a favor, before you even consider reaching out to a potential mentor, remove them from any pedestal. It’ll be much easier for you to forgive them when they eventually don’t live up to your unrealistic expectations.

7. Stay grounded. The journey, from idea to full blown fruition, is LONG. Guaranteed 2-3 times longer than you initially thought. And the wins aren’t linear. They are extremely gratifying and should definitely be celebrated, but ya stlll got work to do. Keep going.

8. Camaraderie from others who are in the same entrepreneurial trenches as you is essential. Entrepreneurship is insanely gratifying and fucking hard. There are extreme highs and lows, and at times it can feel real lonely. Find yourself a group of like minded, self motivated, over achievers and be there for each other. Safe, trusting relationships will revolutionize your experience.


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