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  • Valerie Stunning

You Are A Political Action

111.. One Hundred Eleven is the number of days in 2018 that I strapped on my Pleasers and shook my ass for money.

Money I used to live, save and completely self-invest in a decadent new business. 🍦💦

Y’all hear that.

THAT was the sound of me patting my self on the back.


Any entrepreneurial Queen knows that growing and nurturing a new business is a full time job. A job that consumes your energetic & financial resources and comes with little to no gratification for a LONG time.


Any Multipreneurial Slut knows that said new business has a special way of cock-blocking the mental/emotional energy required to slip on the ol’ Pro-Hoochie hat.

You know, the one that inspires people to shower us in all the money.

Money used to self-invest. 

Now, make no mistake, I thank the universe every day to have spent nearly a decade working a job I love that has allowed me to fund my life and dreams.

And it’s in recognizing this that causes me to sit here and pat myself on the back. Twice.

Yes, I have a lot of support, no one does it alone.

(And I am so grateful for the comments, DM’s, emails, texts and IRL words of encouragement & solidarity y’all gift me with. They are life affirming and have gotten me through some dark moments, and lord knows 2018 had a few...)

BUT tallying my numbers is the one time a year that I can fully absorb the weight of all I’ve accomplished.

And between being of a society/political climate (LEST WE FORGET FOSTA/SESTA) that actively works toward eradicating Sex Worker visibility.


Being a relentless cunt who’s initial reaction after finalizing her numbers is to immediately start scheming about how to do better, hustle harder and blah, blah, burn-the-fuck-out, blah…

It is imperative to my spirit to do so.

I implore my fellow Sex Workers to holla if you feel me…

And while you’re at it, regardless of how many hustles you’re pursuing,



Because every day you show up for yourself, do your job and continue to fund your life and dreams YOU ARE A POLITICAL ACTION. 

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