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  • Valerie Stunning

Plagiarism And That Secret Sauce

Art is what you can get away with. Andy Warhol said that.

But where does that leave plagiarism?

We’re all influenced by something. And let’s be real the information/content vortex is so very real. And hell, sometimes we honestly don’t remember who said/did what that inspires what we say/produce…

And sometimes it’s impossible to source credits. But I’m not talking about that.

As I spend a considerable amount of time dreaming and creating for Paradise City Creamery it’s impossible to not acknowledge there may come this dreaded moment when someone/brand/company will deliberately attempt a poor man’s version of the magic we create.

Lord know’s I’ve witnessed via URL & IRL some of my favorite artists battle what seems to be this tragic inevitability...

Sometimes the thought gives me the worst anxiety. A feeling I never quite understood until I birthed this decedent cream baby.

And then I think to myself, what am I gonna do?!

Not share with the world the best of what I got because some genius will be pinning my images on their vision board and pitching a half-assed version of what we do as their own idea?!


Shoutout to all my creative souls out there spreading the gospel of your wildest dreams as authentically as only YOU can.

Keep innovating like a motherfucker and trust that no one’s got the secret sauce like you do.



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