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You're Doing It Wrong.

Attention guys: 

(you know who you are)

You should be so lucky... Photo: Chris Vongsawat

You should be so lucky... Photo: Chris Vongsawat


If your wife/girlfriend/lady friend apprehensively accompanies you to a strip club...

And then-

Due to the sensational expertise of HER gyrating goddess of choice, opens herself up to the experience... So much so, that she is vibrating with new found lady lust by the end of the dance...

And afterwards, 

You shame her (publicly no less) for indulging in our sex magic, 

When it was you who begged her to step outside her comfort zone to begin with...


*You're also a narcissistic fuck tart who I'm betting has never once considered any woman's pleasure who was ever so kind to allow you near her pussy. #fuckyou 💋

Nasty & Proud

There's so much I want to say about the Women's March, but I'm still processing ALL of the emotions and weight of such a monumental rally.

Team Consenting Sex Worker 

Team Consenting Sex Worker 

For starters...

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem shunned us during her what-could-of-been dope speech. Though transgender author, advocate, and former sex worker Janet Mock offered a pivotal line of solidarity when she said in her speech:  

"I know with surpassing certainty that my liberation is directly linked to the liberation of worker fighting to make her living safely." 

And of course, there was initial outrage over the march's sudden changing of stance in solidarity with sex workers rights-via their web sites verbiage- just a week before. (They later changed it back, though the burn had already been felt.) 

However, it did little to dissuade mine and my fellow power-sluts participation in the movement because frankly- we're used to it.


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Attention Captain Save-A-Ho's

Attention Captain Save-A-Ho's

Regardless of the shitty slights and fear for what may come of the Trump administration- this resistance (and what it inspired in me and millions around the world) has served as an intense reminder that we the people are fierce, our voice is powerful and we won't go down with out a fight. 



I feel my work has just begun and hopefully yours has too. 

Lets arm ourselves with ALL THE TRUTH. Tune in and educate ourselves with information from various sources. Lets volunteer, organize, donate and really be connected to what's happening outside ourselves. 

Because being empathetic, asking questions, thinking critically, engaging in peaceful debates, paying attention and keeping the conversation going is what will fuel the change we ALL desperately, obviously seek. 

A Girl's Girl

When I was an angsty pre-teen/teenager growing up in a working class industrial town #jerseygirl- it was very difficult for me to bond with other girls. I don't know why & I began to think the worst: maybe I just wasn't a girl's girl.

No lie, I had one female friend the entire time I was in high school- the rest were all dudes.

Hard to believe!!  (w/ professional badasses  Suicide SIrens )

Hard to believe!!

(w/ professional badasses Suicide SIrens)

After school when my angst subsided, I moved to NYC. I discovered feminism through the righteous playright and activist Eve Ensler & my love of erotica- which eventually led me to striptease.

Where would I be without the support of dope ass women?! <3 Photo: Jack Odanovich

Where would I be without the support of dope ass women?! <3 Photo: Jack Odanovich

Then something clicked, the universe shifted & I found myself easily engaging with women. I did my best to pay attention to their remarkable stories and in doing so absorbed infinite pearls of wisdom.  I've since bonded with countless dope ass women from all walks of life across the internet & globe. Some were momentary encounters and others blossomed into life changing friendships. 

All of them significant!

Personal Trainer, Flexibility Coach, and dear friend  Sofia Venanzetti

Personal Trainer, Flexibility Coach, and dear friend Sofia Venanzetti

My life is now designed so that I'm surrounded with as much positive feminine energy as possible- because I truly believe it is all the better for it. 

Cheers to being a girl's girl! <3

Sensational Burlesque Queen and Girl's Girl:&nbsp; Sina King  &lt;3

Sensational Burlesque Queen and Girl's Girl: Sina King <3

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