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International Whores Day March & Rally Las Vegas


For every time I was forced to psychologically & physically out maneuver a predatory Club owner/ investor/employee/client-

Sometimes successfully, sometimes not-

Because the laws and loopholes that protect them, do not validate my job and therefore do not protect me.. For every time I was made to feel disposable and afraid to lose my job-

Because when you and your work are not validated, you are not seen and when you are not seen you are susceptible to abuse.

For every time I broke down and burnt out because the isolation we feel as Sex Workers is very fucking real.

For every time I’ve internalized how stigma has conditioned society to believe that being at risk to experience mental, emotional and/or physical violence is part of our job description,

For every time confiding in my loved ones left me feeling dismissed or victim blamed because they hadn’t realized how they too had internalized this Stigma.

For every time I was advised to just find a different job,

As if liking my job all the time is a requisite for having rights and protection?!


Proud of you, my community, our collective work to bring awareness to our diverse needs and issues according to the various jobs we do, 


Most importantly to stand in solidarity with the most marginalized in our community who are criminalized for trying to survive. 

Thank you Sex Workers for making me feel seen, protected and validated. 

Thank you Sex Workers for listening to my 2 cents about the things I experience and ponder. 

Thank you Sex Workers for contributing your 2 cents and for endlessly inspiring me. 

Thank you Sex Workers for correcting me when I fuck up.

Thank you Sex Workers for educating me.

Thank you Sex Workers for teaching me compassion for myself which in turn becomes compassion for others. 

Thank you Sex Workers for being the resilient, resourceful and revolutionary spirits you are, we are. 


If you are in Vegas, we invite you to march & rally in solidarity with us today. 

Meet: 6pm Llama Lot. Wear Red.

After party: @JammylandLV (swipe for details) 

See you there! Xxo, Val


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